Level 2

Encaustic Monotype Workshop


3 Day Workshop

Fee: $

Supplies – $ or your own, TBA

9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Brown Bag lunch or order out

Entry to this workshop after 3-day or 5-day Introduction to Encaustic Monotype

Continuing exploration of one or more transfer methods with concentration on the variations which best suits your personal needs and expression. You will have individual assistance in realizing your objectives.

Optional choice at the end of the third day: a critique or ‘summing-up.’

Workshop limited to three artists.

Offered in March, April, May, October, November, December

Other times by arrangement

Materials needed: pigmented wax crayons or sticks and print paper.

Encaustic materials can be ordered from several U.S. sources.

Paper can be bought locally or ordered from your favorite supplier.

Out-of-towners: Make Ashland your vacation get-away. This workshop can be piggy-backed onto the Basic Workshop for 5 continuous days of art making. Fee to be arranged accordingly.

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